Senegal in the spotlight at Microsoft Education-Exchange in Paris


The 2019 Edition of the Microsoft Education-Exchange held from April 2-4, 2019 in Paris, France, saw the participation of 5 teachers of the Ministry of national education. During the education leaders Panel, this ceremony presented the national education information and management system (SIMEN), launched in December 2016, which puts digital at the heart of the education system and aims to modernize it through technological tools; as such, it brings together a suite of Web and mobile applications to enable teachers and students to access technology to facilitate learning and management of the system.

Senegal is honoured during these meetings where three of its teachers have just been distinguished in the Microsoft Education Exchange competition. According to the ACE, the prize for creativity came back to Mrs. Aminata Lô star anise, a schoolteacher in service at the Rufisque CRFPE. The innovation award is won by Amadou Yacine Diatta, Professor of physical sciences at the Diourbel scientific high school of excellence.

Ibrahima Diagne, English teacher at the Lycée de Medina Yoro Foulah, succeeded in the certification exam of the Microsoft Certified Educator. Microsoft Education Exchange, which celebrates innovation in education, is an opportunity for teachers from around the world to meet and Exchange on the digital transformation of their teaching practices and share their experiences!

Created more than ten years ago with the support of Microsoft, education-Exchange (E2) is a global event centered around innovation in the educational sector; It gathers annually more than 400 teachers from all continents to enable them, in addition to sharing experiences, to present an innovative project highlighting the integration of digital in the classroom in order to enrich the pedagogical practices.

On this occasion are organized workshops, lectures and Exchange sessions around major themes such as artificial intelligence, teacher training, and practices of educational systems.

E2 also organizes a competition, the global educator challenge, in which participants are invited to find an innovative solution to a specific educational problem, as well as a certification exam, the Microsoft Certified Educator, which attests to the Mastering Digital collaboration tools in the classroom.

The Ministry of national education is therefore certainly progressing in the implementation of the recommendations of the education and training foundations and the resulting presidential decisions, which aim to put information technology and communication at the heart of our education system.

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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