Unusual: a huge shark that had just swallowed another SIN


The scene around the world in a matter of minutes. Indeed, the former golfer Australian, Greg Norman fished a shark nearly 4.5 meters long which had just swallowed another squale, which could be a new record of the world. 

Invited to the BlacktipH program produced by Josh Jorgensen on YouTube, the ex-golfer, also known as the great white shark, had the chance to observe a gigantic hammerhead chasing a black-tipped shark. “I had ever seen this and yet I do a lot of fishing all over the world, “he entrusted to sputniknews.com.

Fishermen have succeeded in reassembling the huge predator aboard their ship after a fight of 45 minutes. “It was bigger than I imagined,” says the former athlete, who claimed that the animal measured 4.44 metres in length.

Always according to him, the squale weighed “several hundred kilos” and could prove to be the biggest shark ever fished. However, the men who ended up releasing the animal, it is impossible to know if the world record has really been Beat.

Moctar FICOU/ VivAfrik         


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