When the NGO Doli interfered in the protection of biodiversity in Africa


Africa is home to abundant and diverse terrestrial and marine flora and fauna. A biodiversity that, through its richness, provides essential ecosystem services to reap the economic growth of the continent and mitigate climate change. But Africa is experiencing a loss of dramatic biodiversity.

Gérard Seffre, 67 years old, a deodatian lover of Africa, has been involved in the fighting of the NGO Doli for four years. Originally attached to the preservation of elephants in Central Africa, the Association has extended its scope to other endangered species, notably the Gazelle in Senegal.

Gérard Seffre, regional delegate Grand Est and active member of the Doli Association returns from a 12-day trip to the Bango Ranch Wildlife Park in northern Senegal. Maintained by the Senegalese Association Dama, in partnership with Doli, a French NGO (non-governmental organization), this park is dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity and the reintroduction of endangered regional species such as Gazelles Dorcas , the Oryx Oryx or the Red-necked ostrich.

During his visit, Gérard Seffre, a Hunter sensitive to ecology and the protection of biodiversity, ensures a follow-up of the actions carried out and participates in the development of the Park of 120 hectares. A memorandum of understanding with the Senegal National Parks Authority authorizes the collection of breeding nuclei (males and females) on reserves to ensure restocking in Bango Ranch Park. “I was able to witness the capture and integration in the Park of an Oryx. For the duration of the intervention, a veterinarian was very closely monitoring his life prognosis in order to take no risk, it was fascinating, says Gérard Seffre.

The causes of the rarefaction of the regional species are numerous.

Deforestation, poaching, drought and the multiplication of herds of cattle and goats, which are fond of pastures, are all factors that endanger the survival of animals. “Doli” in Sango (Central African) language means the elephant. Originally the Association was intended to protect the elephant populations of the Central African Republic, decimated by poachers. “But in view of the repeated violence in Central Africa, this project is now being put on hold,” says Gérard Seffre.

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