Work on drinking water infrastructures in Côte d'Ivoire: the difficulties highlighted


Côte d'Ivoire is in the middle of the work of drinking water infrastructures. A guided tour, on 28 April 2019, on the construction site made it possible to highlight the difficulties encountered. Thus, the Minister of hydraulics, Tchagba Laurent, who visited the drinking water infrastructures in the commune of Yopougon in the presence of the Minister of construction, Bruno Nabagné Koné was not satisfied.

Tchagba Laurent said that he had come to soak up the drinking water supply system and to overcome the difficulties of the captant fields. According to him, the municipality of Yopougon is fed by three drinking water treatment plants to which groundwater catchment sites are attached. "The drinking water supply of the municipality of Yopougon is made from three fields, namely the field capturing the West zone.

It includes 10 boreholes that have been set up between 1967 and 1984. The capturing field of Niangon 1 located below the industrial zone with 13 boreholes including 12 for a daily production of 50,000 cubic metre and the capturing field of Niangon 2 with 12 boreholes including 10 functional for a daily production of 35000 cubic meters.

The production units of the capturing fields of Niangon 1and 2 produce a cumulation of 85000 cubic metres of drinking water per day. This represents 68.8% of the average needs of the municipality of Yopougon and about 15.2% of the production of Abidjan.

The recurrent floods in each rainy season with the result of the shutdown of drilling due to submersion, the risks of pollution of the water in the groundwater in the catchment area due to septic tanks of spontaneous dwellings that were created , the occupation of the perimeter of protection close to the field captured by constructions and various other activities, are sources of difficulties, "he said.

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