Senegal: a hippopotamus shot in Kédougou, the opinion denounces


The case of the hippopotamus shot at Kédougou Sunday, March 31, 2018 by a Hunter by order of the Governor has finished shocking the defenders of the environment. It was around 5am that the first witnesses spotted the hippopotamus towards the Dalaba pond along the dwellings of this neighborhood and that of the quarters of Compagnie and Dinguessou. The animal caused a lot of damage in houses where he sought refuge. But in the end, it was disrupted by the strong mobilization of mass-released populations to see it.

Despite the presence of the defence and security forces, the hippopotamus made the scene last until it fell into a septic tank from which it could no longer go out. The authorities had to appeal to a hunter named François, Director of the camp Le Relais, who slaughtered the animal of 5 calibre 375 caliber balls to the head, to slaughter the animal…

After Moustapha Diakhaté, it is the turn of the lawyer me Bamba Cissé to shout his anger. "If this hippopotamus was shot when he was trapped in a septic tank in Kédougou, then these are extremely serious facts that merit the initiation of an investigation for the perpetrators to be stalked. The hippopotamus is an entirely protected species within the meaning of the wildlife protection code which, in its article 27 in fine, provides for penalties ranging from "1 to 5 years for anyone who voluntarily kills fully protected species without a scientific permit", in any event, it is necessary that an investigation be opened on these facts, "the lawyer indignated.

For his part, Ali Haïdar regretted the slaughter of the animal. The President of the Oceanium Association felt that the populations are not very conscious of the importance of animals to nature. "It is the animals that carry the bread from the trees and disseminate them in the forest to grow. It's the animals that eat the fruit. The animal is very important to disseminate the seeds of the trees. Birds are also very important. Alas, the citizens are not aware of these facts. (…) It's pretty daily to see that everyone has a rifle and kills. It is a pity for the ecosystem, for biodiversity and for the forest which is very useful for our country, "he explained.

"No one is insensitive to the necessary protection of people, fauna and flora. However, whenever an equation is required such as the presence of a hippopotamus in the city like Kédougou, the dilemma is imposed on the authority guaranteeing the safety of people and goods as well as wildlife.  

Then the authority chose sovereign to kill the animal to protect the people. This decision, however questionable, remains lawful. If the hippopotamus had killed a person before being killed the same authority would be at the center of criticism. 

Everything does not confess especially in the matter of national security but all the people have had the same observation is that there was no way available to cope in any case until Sunday 31 March 2019.  No one is proud to see this animal executed or even authority but back to the wall the State had to act and their decision was the one applied.  

We are all aware that it is not the timely decision or the best decision or the one intended by the people who was too sad to face the horror of the day but DURALEX SEA LEX. 

Our States are poor and too poorly equipped with intervention and relief equipment so we have to act on the basis of means and make the policy with available means while awaiting better, analyzed an adviser who requested anonymity.   

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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