Combating desertification: Steven Le Hyaric agree Paris to Dakar by bike


Combating desertification is not only for decision-makers. This is what Steven Le Hyaric, who intends to put an end to this scourge throughout the world through awareness. To do so, the adventurer and endurance sportsman aims to meet the challenge #DakaRecord, rally Paris to Dakar by bike in 20 days to set the world record on distance and prepare for the project #666:6 deserts, 6 continents in 6 months.

This human and sporting adventure also aims to awaken the consciousness about the evil that awaits us at the time of the climate emergency: desertification. He hoped to arrive in Dakar around 3 April, and wished to be welcomed at the top of the Renaissance monument, and to meet with young Senegalese to discuss environmental issues with them.

Today, Steven Le Hyaric has already travelled the 3/4 of his hard drive and crosses Mauritania. It is passed and goes through all the States, from euphoria to tears. Doing an average of 280kms/day, i.e. 10 to 12 hours of daily saddle, his body and mind are severely tested.  Fortunately, every day brings her a lot of small pleasures: that of achieving to complete his steps, that of going beyond the doubts and pains that beset him every morning when it is necessary to revive "the machine".

 That also of beautiful human encounters, cyclists and sportsmen following his adventure that travel a few KMS in his company, local people who cross this "crazy rolling" and encourage him, often blued by the performance he realizes and respectful of the meaning that Stéven gives him. The opportunity finally for Stéven to share his passion for cycling, to exchange with the local people on the problem of desertification, to confront the great heats, the drought for the project #666. 

In fact, Stéven launches the countdown of his new adventure project titled #666:6 deserts, 6 continents, 6 months of adventure and exploration by bike, with more than 20 000Kms cumulated, a world premiere that he is preparing to achieve with a triple objective: first establish the best time/record of the world on distances in these deserts, then awaken the consciences on "desertification" that is at work, symptomatic of global warming, and that will see Europe hit severely on the horizon 2030 if We do not put ourselves in tune with the climate emergency, and finally Stéven will draw and share the sensations, data collected from his bike crossings of the 6 most hard deserts in the world to bring his stone to the building of knowledge on adaptation of the human body in such conditions. 

For Steven Le Hyaric, "you'd have to be crazy not to see the climate reality in front. We feel, touch the finger the urgency and yet nothing, or almost, happens. So among the voices that rise, from the simple citizen to the scientific community, I intend to bring my stone to the building so that finally the wheel rotates and that we do not leave a aftertaste of cowardice and irresponsibility to future generations. This is what the 666 project translates, this is my quest for the 5 senses to awaken consciousness and promote climate action. "

Welcome to Senegal, there are no small stones to bring to this building with the appearance of myth of SISYPHE, which constitutes the struggle for a better environment.

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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