Rwanda: sustainable development of urban wetlands in the city of Kigali


As part of the bilateral cooperation between the Italian Ministry of environment and the Ministry of environment of Rwanda, the Centre for climate and sustainable development of Africa and the Hera group will welcome the Rwandan delegation to Bologna on 2 and 3 April.

The project "sustainable development of urban wetlands in the city of Kigali", financed by the Italian Ministry of environment, Earth and the Sea (IMELS) in the framework of the cooperation between IMELS and Rwanda, will begin with a study visit to Bologna to strengthen technical and institutional capacities for sustainable development. The visit will be organized by the Centre for climate and sustainable development of Africa (ACSD) on the premises of the Hera group.

The sustainable urban wetlands development project aims to make the city more resilient through the rehabilitation of the degraded urban wetlands of Kigali. Highly appreciated for their important environmental and economic functions, these areas allow, among other things, the storage and release of water, the fight against floods and the improvement of water quality.

By following better environmental practices, the city of Kigali will be able to offer basic services while becoming a safe, resilient and environmentally friendly city.

Ten government representatives and experts from the Rwandan institutions concerned will exchange on topics such as urban waste management and environmental impact assessment. Visits to collection plants, waste recovery and sorting platforms, waste treatment plants, and energy-producing incinerators will be organized to give delegates an overview of the operation of Hera. An overview that will allow them to identify new opportunities and possible interventions in their country of origin.


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