Congo envisages reforestation of more than ten thousand hectares of forest


The Congo intends to intensify its fight against deforestation and degradation of natural forests. To do so, the Government, in partnership with the forest plantation company Batékés Brazzaville (SPF2B), plans to reforest more than ten thousand hectares of forests across the country over the next ten years.  

For a period of ten years, the project aims to substitute charcoal from deforestation of natural forests to supply the market. For its implementation, the Minister of forest economy, Rosalie Matondo, signed, on 28 March 2019 in Brazzaville, a partnership agreement with the Director General of the forest plantations society Batéké Brazzaville (SPF2B), Bernard Cassagne . A company specializing in forest and agroforestry plantations on the Batéké plateau, North of Brazzaville, under the supervision of Prime Minister Clément Mouamba.

The project implementation sites are located about 95 km north of Brazzaville in the localities of Inga, with an area of 1842 hectares, Oka, 5331 hectares and Ibina 3309 hectares, specifies a communiqué transmitted to the press.

"The planted forest produces twenty to forty times more wood than a natural tropical forest. It occupies less surface, is easy to manage and operating costs are lower, "said Bernard Cassagne.

"This project perfectly illustrates the Congo's commitment to the highest level of the State, in terms of sustainable forest management and is one of the responses to forest degradation and deforestation," said Prime Minister Clement Mouamba, reaffirming the support of the Government in the implementation of this project through the national programme of afforestation and reforestation (PRONAR).

The funding necessary for the implementation of this project, which will generate about five hundred direct jobs, will be sought by the SPF2B, the Government to facilitate access to the improved plant material available in the country, indicates the Convention.

The project will generate five hundred direct jobs in the area of attendance and serve as a catalyst for the development of village plantations.

"The Congo is doomed to plant if it wants to be a major forest country in the future, to weigh in the forestry and industrial sector of wood processing in the subregion, in Africa and in the tropical world," said the Director General of the SPF2B , before it is noted that having its own nursery is a key element in the success of such a project. For, a forest country of tomorrow is the one that plants, afforests destroyed lands, and afforeste new lands.

"The planted forest produces twenty to forty times more wood than a natural tropical forest. It occupies less surface, easy to manage and lower operating costs, "noted Bernard Cassagne.

This Convention accompanies the PRONAR implemented in the pool with the aim of planting trees on a million hectares.

It should be noted that the Congo has a long tradition of planting artificial forests dating back to the years 1930. The various research and development programmes implemented successively allowed the realization of a plantation of limba in the Mayombe, on about five thousand hectares, during the years 1950. The cloning of eucalyptus trees in the years 1970 had allowed the development of industrial plantations on savannahs around Pointe-Noire.

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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