A system of satellite monitoring of forests soon to be operational in Gabon


Logging will now be under satellite surveillance. Announced on 26 March 2019 by the Ministry of forestry, this operation aims to prevent and intercept illegal activities endangering the flora and fauna of Gabon.

The country will put in place a national system of satellite surveillance of forests to combat illegal logging, says a communiqué from the Ministry in charge of forests.   

The objective of this scheme is to prevent activities that could undermine forest integrity, but especially to promote the rational exploitation of the forest, explained the forest Minister Guy-Betrand Mapangou, quoted by the communiqué.

This improved monitoring will ensure compliance with the provisions of the forestry code in the Gabonese Republic relating to the elaboration and follow-up of development plans and facilitate the rational exploitation of wildlife and resources Fisheries.

The system will therefore facilitate "the rational exploitation of the forest, wildlife and fishery resources", stressed the Ministry of forests, stating that this initiative materializes "the commitment made by the President of the Republic at the signing of the Paris agreement on 22 April 2016, which stipulates that all States parties must take strong measures to protect tropical rainforests. "

The satellite monitoring tool will also allow to map landscapes, especially the forest. But also, monitoring the deforestation or (re) vegetalisation of the exploited areas. The Ministry of forests communication is particularly aimed at forestry operators and economic operators operating in the timber sector.

The latter are obliged to make available to the Gabonese Agency for spatial studies and observations (AGEOS) a number of documents before 15 April 2019. The latter were also requested to pay the fee for the area of their title to the AGEOS accounting agency no later than 30 June.

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik                       


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