Malgaches zebus with electronic chips from April 1st


Andry Rajoelina's campaign promise, which had made smiling and even laughing, will officially materialise as early as April 1, 2019. The idea is to implement electronic chips in the zebus to combat their flight in Madagascar. In the big island, the theft of bovias is a real scourge that creates a great insecurity in the countryside. In 2017, some 30 000 zebus were stolen according to the figures of the national gendarmerie. From 1 April next, the zebus will be equipped with an electronic chip that will allow to geo-locate them in real time, announced the head of the presidential project within the Presidency, Augustin Andriamananoro.

The presentation of the samples of these intelligent tools took place on 25th March in the framework of the establishment of the Steering Committee responsible for the safety and the fight against the theft of zebus. The use of these fleas is also part of the fight against the growing insecurity associated with the theft of zebus.

The Minister of national defence, General Léon Jean Richard Rakotonirina, indicated the need to use electronic chips on zebus in the Mission of restoring security in the country. As the President of the Republic has repeatedly explained during his election campaign, these tools equipped with a geolocation system will help to trace the location of the bovid. It will be easier for law enforcement to find the stolen zebus.

The Minister also referred to the importance of setting up the Steering Committee through which the results of the strategies adopted in the context of the establishment of peace and security in the country could be measured in the short term.

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik        


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