Senegal: the main axes of SOBOA's CSR unveiled


The corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy of the West African Breweries company (SOBOA) aimed at "supporting the communities" was presented this Thursday, March 28, 2019, at the company's CSR policy launch ceremony. As a leading company, SOBOA is committed to doing better every day. This is not limited to fully satisfying the legal obligations, applied, but also, going beyond and investing in human capital, the environment, and relations with stakeholders.

"True to the values of responsibility that always guide its development, the agri-food company intensifies its development with a strategy of sustainable development. Thus, in consultation with its internal and external stakeholders, SOBOA has developed a CSR policy that relies on five main pillars of great importance for the future of the company as well as for future generations namely: being a responsible employer; preserving the environment; meet consumer expectations be an integrated and committed actor and finally support the communities, explained the Coordinator of the CSR Committee of the West African Breweries company, Mamadou Diallo.

For each of the five pillars of its CSR strategy, details Mr. Diallo, SOBOA has developed an ambitious action plan with quantifiable objectives. In the belief, the company will continue to communicate transparently with its stakeholders on its relationships and challenges.  

In the social responsibility policy, he continued, "there is essentially the strengthening of safety and health at work that defines an action plan with elements implemented to arrive at zero accidents in the workplace".

"Patronage and solidarity actions will be made to accompany structuring projects of solidarity in the fields of women's entrepreneurship, access to health and education", he stressed.

The Director of health and hygiene, Fatou Seck Ndiaye assured that through the policy presented at a Conference, the company said that it had made a 25% reduction in the sugar rate on the flagship products by favouring sweeteners but also intends to promote zero sugar products.

Nutritional information is now listed on products to "get people to feel responsible for what they consume and to ensure their health." Apart from this, regular blood glucose testing sessions are held within the company but also for the general public at events to which they are associated.

But with the new CSR, "we will still put more emphasis on these aspects with many actions planned on 2019 compared to the general public," she stressed.

"On the problem of the care of children, the company intends to identify a specialized structure for a major action in the health of the very young," she assured. Already, according to her, a blood donation action is planned at the national blood transfusion centre with the company's staff.

As a "leader" in the sector in Senegal, "we must set a good example through this policy of social responsibility", noted SOBOA Director General Damien Baron.

Mr Baron further argued that the company has experienced a growth crisis in recent years and has had to put in place an articulated recovery plan:

. Redesign of the human resources policy with individualized follow-up of skills and implementation of an ambitious training program.

. Modernization of our industrial unit investment 2018:6 billion CFCFA, 4 billion FCFA this year, in order to improve the volumes and qualities.

. Renewal of ISO 9001 certification and preparation of ISO 14 001 and FSSC 22 000 certifications.

. Redesign of trade policy, marketing and distribution, hiring of 60 commercial, many new products and formats already launched and being launched.

. Redesign of procedures to improve management ratios and energy consumption.

. And, now, the formalization of CSR policy.

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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