IEG-CDEPE: green technologies become the protagonists of the international market


For three days, China vibrates to the rhythm of the green economy. Indeed, the 15th edition of the Chengdu environmental protection Expo (CDEPE), held from 21 to 23 March 2019 in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province (southwestern China) saw the international market of the green economy make way towards the capital of this Locality. This has clarified a press release arrived at VivAfrik. According to the document, this rush of the green economy is made possible, “thanks in particular to the commitment of Italian Exhibition Group (IEG)”. Thus, Chengdu welcomes more and more Chinese and international companies and buyers from the circular economy and green technologies. The meeting is organised by Europe China environmental exhibitions (ECEE), a company founded by the Organizer Xin Zhong Lian exhibitions and EAGLE-Europe Asia global link exhibitions, a vehicle company of IEG which, last September, bought 60% of the event, adds the text.

CDEPE is known as the largest exhibition on environmental protection in Western China and as a bridge between Southwest China and the world of green technologies.

Based on our source, the 2019 Edition benefits from the competences of Ecomondo, the leading event of IEG in Europe on circular economy and sustainable resources (next meeting at the Rimini salon from 5 to 8 November 2019, and is, for the first time, presented to the public as an international platform for the green technology industry in southwestern China, with the support of the Sichuan environmental protection industry association, among the associations of the most influential categories in Sichuan province.

Waste management, water management, clean air, environmental efficiency and sanitation are the main themes addressed by the CDEPE 2019, from a global perspective, with the participation of the main Chinese and Italian institutions, read in the press release.

According to the same source, among the key appointments of the 2019 Edition, the China ecology and Environment Forum draws the attention of industry experts. Organized with the support of the Italian Ministry of environment and the protection of the territory and the sea, and the support of the Consulate General of Italy in Chongqing, it deals with the theme of “economic development and environmental protection and of the great river basins-Yangtze River (the Yangtze River, the third longest river in the world, has guided the Chinese economy throughout its history).

The Forum was held on world water day (22 March 22 March 2019) and provides for two plenary meetings.

The opening session, co-organized by the Sichuan environmental sciences society, provides speeches by Francesco La camera Director General for sustainable development with the Ministry of the environment, recently elected Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Davide Castellani, Vice-Consul of Italy in Chongqing, Li Yuedong, Deputy Director General of Sichuan environmental protection Bureau, Yi Bo, Deputy Director General of Chengdu environmental protection Bureau , Fan Yuansheng, President of China Association environmental protection industry (CAEPI), Wan Bentai, former engineer in charge of the Ministry of ecology and environment, Paolo Bazzoni, Chief Representative and Board member of the Chamber of Commerce Italian in Chongqing, Zhang Yong, President of the Chongqing environmental protection industry association and Xie Tian, President of the Sichuan environmental protection industry association, explains the text.

Who notes that the scientific session co-organized by Sichuan environmental sciences society, is opened by Lorenzo Gonzo, scientific and technological Adviser of the Italian Consulate General in Chongqing, and Fengu Hu of China water risk, principal NGO in Asian level, with the report “no water, no growth-does Asia have enough water to ensure its development?” In this context, Antonio Lo Porto of the Istituto di Ricerca sulle Acque (IRSA) and representative of Italy at the China Europe water platform and Bernd Manfred Gawlik of the JRC-joint research centre of the European Commission are also involved.

Then, continues the communiqué, in the Panel coordinated by Chen Weigu, Vice-President of the Sichuan environmental sciences society (academic organization related to the Government of Sichuan province), successively take the floor Professor Francesco Fatone of the Marche Polytechnic University, Tiberio DADDI of the Sant’Anna superior school, Uwe Weber of EU-Korea climate action, Marco Ricci of the Italian composting Consortium (CIC), Professor Chen Hongbin, Professor Kan Baoguang of Tongji University and Chen Tongbin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Other sub-forums are hosted by leading Chinese organizations, including all-China Environment Federation (ACEF) and Chongqing renewable energy society, says the document.

“The new edition of CDEPE welcomes an increasing number of international companies offering products with innovative content and equipped with advanced technologies, among the 400 direct companies and represented on an exhibition space approximately 30 000 square meters. Among them, several Italian and European companies, some of them operating in China and others are taking their first steps in this fair to evaluate the market and possible commercial opportunities: CIB Unigas SpA, Jcoplastic SpA, Labiotest srl ( Gruppo Luci), Pedrollo SpA, OWAC Srl, Veolia Water technologies Italia SpA».

For international exhibitors, an exclusive online business match-making platform has been set up to promote B2B meetings that facilitate the Organization of meetings with selected Chinese buyers and meet the demand for technology and know-how, concludes the document.

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