The rural world of Comoros is


The difficulties of the Comorian rural world were invited in the election campaign for the early presidential election on 24 March 2019. If he is very uninvited outside the electoral periods, he has no less serious concerns. Farmers feel abandoned. A tour of our colleagues from RFI to Mboudé, a locality located 42km northeast of the capital, allows to exert the evils of these growers.

Farmers do not understand that there are a thousand projects that never see the light of day and complain mainly of the insecurity prevailing in the fields. "The head of agriculture is the one who should come to us, think with us, yet we do not see it. The budgets of agriculture are there, but they disappear. It goes into each other's pockets. Here we grow bananas, cassava, corn, but thieves use, cabris and oxen too. There is no respect for our business. Today is the ninth night that I spend to stand guard on my land until dawn. Otherwise we get up in the morning and there is nothing left. We don't win anything. »

The political class as a whole is perceived as a world of the inter-self whose peasants are excluded from Office. "It's not a life. Every elected member comes from a clan, that's how it works in Government: they help their family and friends. That's how the country works. So we have to wait to have one of us among them. We have not done any studies. We see people who have doctorates who do not find work so someone like me who grows… That is why this country is not moving forward. »

As the President has taken a leave to campaign, the interim is provided by the Minister in charge of agriculture.     

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik                                 


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