The post-CSR era, a new track explored by companies


While the of corporate social responsibility (CSR) were not sufficient to to bring serenity around shareholder capitalism, the stakes are now to enter the post-CSR era, not by turning away from it but by integrating it at the heart of the company's strategy, to make it a "Strategic social responsibility" (RSS). Companies must to give itself a "raison d'être" and a mission leading to the creation of a shared social value.

This is the problem that will be dealt with during the meeting initiated by the workshops of humanist entrepreneurship, the Centre for research in social entrepreneurship of the UCLY (CRESO), the ESDES business school and FoRSE which is suitable for entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, researchers, students, consultants and citizens for whom, economic performance and human development must go together, to participate in their workshop planned on Thursday 11 April 2019 from 17:45 to 20h in Lyon France on the theme: "CSR, from the strategic imperative to the requirement of humanistic entrepreneurship".

The question of the purpose of the company is increasingly present in the public debate. Challenged by increasingly demanding citizens-consumers, the capitalism seeks to renew itself.  For to address this issue, there are a number of issues that will be addressed the angle of research, business testimonials and exchanges between participants, explain the organizers of this event.

The objective The workshops of humanist entrepreneurship is to create a space for and experimentation to promote the values and practices of the humanists within organizations, regardless of their status (corporate private sectors, ESS and public sector).

On the menu of the meetings, workshops on Exchange of practices and co-development, experiments, conferences and evening debates that are co-built with the persons involved in promoting and supporting the implementation of the humanistic practices.

Moctar FICOU/ VivAfrik


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