Senegal: candidates invited to make the fishing sector a priority


In a press release, the NGO Greenpeace Afrique alerted the presidential candidates of 24 February 2019 "on the alarming situation of fisheries" and asked them to "make the fishing sector a priority in their programmes". To this end, Greenpeace also proposes to these candidates "solutions for a better consideration of the fishing sector which is one of the most dynamic and important sectors of the Senegalese economy".

The NGO recalls that, as the first export sector and the main source of currency in Senegal, the fishery contributes about 70% to the nutritional intake of animal-derived proteins and plays a major role in the food security of Senegalese people.

It accounts for about 3.2% of gross domestic product (GDP) with at least 600,000 direct or indirect jobs, she adds.

The NGO stresses that "despite its major socio-economic role, for decades the fisheries sector has been confronted with poor governance".

It talks about a situation that has "led to the scarcity of resources concomitant with the overexploitation of most stocks; Illegal unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing exacerbated by lack of control and oversight; tonnage fraud practised by industrial vessels and environmental emergencies, including the installation of fish meal units.

Greenpeace adds that "all these factors added to inappropriate fisheries policies, encourage fishermen to go very far at sea risking their lives to catch the fish that has become out of reach."

 In the communiqué, Dr ALIOU BA, political adviser at Greenpeace Africa, recommends inter alia "the promotion of sub-regional management of shared stocks; transparency in the allocation of fishing licences; the improvement of traditional boats and their effective registration for safety ".

In these recommendations is also "the endowment of artisanal canoes of a system of geolocation and early warning in real time which will be accompanied by a structure exclusively dedicated to rescue at sea to avoid recurrent disappearance at sea ".

In addition, "the cessation of the allocation of authorisations to fish meal production units is a real threat to food security and the employment of thousands of people; the publication of the State of play of the process of re-gauging industrial fishing vessels in Senegal ".

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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