The offensive of the climato-skeptics on the Web


Oil lobbies and hedge funds are common cause, for the defense of their industries and the profits they generate, on the back of the planet.

The offensive of the climato-skeptics on social networks does not weaken on the Web. Large financial means are devoted to instilling doubt with regard to theories on global warming and on the part of human responsibility in this phenomenon.

By going up the thread of some tweets and the course of their authors, it is quite a political-financial agenda that is revealed: the collusion of the American ultra-right, of large financiers and industries dependent on fossil fuels.

We start from a special case, that of Patrick Moore, who uses his former label of "Greenpeace co-founder" to now defend an agenda in the Antipodes of his previous engagements, in the balance of the lobbies of the agri-food, fossil fuels and Petro-chemistry.

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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