Burkina Faso acquires a cotton apparel promotion plant


Burkina Faso has a semi-industrial plant called design François I of Koudougou which is one of the pioneers in the promotion of high-end garments made in Burkina Faso using cotton, the local raw material. It is located in Koudougou, a hundred kilometers west of Ouagadougou, the capital.

Remember that design François I of Koudougou is officially inaugurated at the end of September 2018 by President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré of Burkina Faso. Alexandre Dembelé assures that the second step on the garment manufacturing chain in Koudougou, after dyeing the yarn. He is "making cans of weaving". At the other end of the chain, at the finish, Philomène Drabo "manufactures ready-to-wear shirts. For now, we work on the shirts, but we can work on the dresses too. " She had been unemployed for a few years. She was sewing and selling clothes at her home. It ensures that it has less stress since it is no longer in its own right. "I am very happy, because here I earn my bread. In my account, there are times when we have no customers. And if I'm at home, I'm bored. I'd rather come to work for François I. »

An elder from the Parisian quarter of the confection

François IER Yameogo, manufacturer and fashion designer, lived for forty years in France. He worked in the Sentier district of Paris, before placing his suitcases in Abidjan in the early 2000 years. But with the Ivorian crisis of 2002, he returned to his home country, first in the capital.

"In 2004, I started to put the foundations of a workshop in Ouagadougou. In 2008 I put myself as fashion designer, to consolidate first a brand and a concept 100% cotton of Burkina Faso, in contemporary clothes. Once the brand was consolidated locally, François I wanted to develop it in a semi-industrial way. "It's been a year since I started to open a structure here in Koudougou. It took some time with the work, the installation, and here I am. To finance all this: the land and equipment, we arrive at 100 million CFA francs of investment. Today, no bank makes us credit and I have invested my own funds. I got a lot of privacy for this project because it was my heart. It was necessary for Koudougou to be a semi-industrial structure. »

The yarn from Burkina Faso cotton arrives at the small factory design François I, the manufacturer makes dye. After weaving, the creation and production of garments follows. "Currently in volume, we make almost 800 meters of fabric per month. This corresponds for the time to 200 clothes per month. »

The production of design François IER is still not very diversified, but the fashion designer ensures that he can manufacture different types of clothing, as well as furniture and table textiles. To increase its production, it still needs equipment, which will allow it to increase its staff, from 28 employees today to 50.

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