The TERO project is being developed for the benefit of the environment


Baptized project territories committed to the resilience of OASIS (Tero), this project aims to valorization of the commitment of young people to the environment. Tero intends to strengthen the resilience of the oasian communities in three Maghreb countries (Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia), in the face of the risks associated with climate change through the involvement of young local volunteers. This project spans two years, from 2018 to 2020.

The oases, located in arid zones, are subject to climatic constraints and represent endangered ecosystems confronted with phenomena of desertification or degradation. In the fight against global warming and desertification, however, oases have an important role to play. In order to combat the desertification of these lands, the Centre for international actions and achievements (CARI) is carrying out actions to promote the sustainable development of oases by involving civil society and in particular young people, considered as a important lever of action.

In constant struggle against the phenomena of desertification, they have been able to adapt to difficult conditions and to ensure the sustainability of a system. Oases, which today represent a real potential for development in seemingly hostile areas, are adaptation models and tools to combat desertification that call for special attention in the negotiations on climate change. But these ecosystems are in danger. There is a certain degradation due to different factors.

In these countries, environmental activism is based on a long tradition of local volunteerism and involvement of civil society. This mobilization, especially that of young people, is a powerful lever to prevent desertification and land degradation.

This project plans to accompany partner organisations within the oasis in the development of their activities, to better analyse the risks involved in their territory, but also to study more precisely the brakes on the engagement of young people in the environmental cause.

Objective of the project

The objective of the project is to strengthen the resilience of the oasian communities in three Maghreb countries (Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia) to the risks associated with climate change, in particular from the involvement of young local volunteers.

This project is carried out by several partners:

AOFEP – OASIS Ferkla Association for environment and heritage (Morocco)

ASOC – Association for the safeguarding of the oasis of Chenini (Tunisia)

CARI (France)

France volunteers (France), the project coordinator

FOCSIV – Federation of Christian organizations of international volunteer service (Italy)

TENMIYA (Mauritania)

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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