Morocco, the future leader in the "spread" of solar energy in Africa?


The President of the African Development Bank Group, Akinwumia Adesina and the Chairman of the Management Board of the Moroccan Solar Energy Agency, Mustapha Bakkoury signed on Wednesday 7 November 2018 in Johannesburg an agreement that will make the Kingdom of Morocco the African leader in the migration of the continent to solar energy an abundant source almost in the countries of Africa.

The two parties entrusted to have reached this text following the great success of Morocco in this sector. The Kingdom of Morocco has, in fact, set up the project Noor (light in Arabic), the largest solar Center in the world that will provide the country with more than 10 000 megawatts of energy when it is fully delivered in 2020, almost half of the national consumption of electricity.

"In terms of solar energy, Morocco has become a unique example in the world. He has demonstrated leadership in realizing something very grandiose, "Adesina said before signing the document.

The AfDB, he said, is providing some of the financing for the mega-Central whose cost is estimated at 9 billion million.

It is the success of the Moroccan project developed in the Ouarzazate desert that allowed the signing of the "strategic partnership to intensify the creation of solar energy poles in Africa", concluded the boss of the bad very admirer of the ideas avangardistes on solar energy.

"It is a very important day for Morocco," sighed Mustapha Bakkoury. "Morocco had anticipated. In 2009, when the King had spoken of a new direction in the energy sector, no one had really understood what it was, "he testified before explaining that Morocco, which imports more than 90% of the energies, is on the win his bet to ensure his "energy independence".

"It was therefore necessary to rely on available resources, including renewable energy: solar," he added before considering the future. "It is therefore possible to move to a continental stage after the success of the Noor project today," he said.

Morocco has already concluded a dozen General agreements with twelve African countries. He hoped that several other countries would engage in these renewable energies among other things wind energy.

"The signing with the AfDB is an initiative that will date in the history of investments and initiatives that are advancing Africa," said Salaheddine Mezouar, former President of COP 22 and current President of the General Confederation. Companies of Morocco.

"This is a solution to the climate threat. Warming up. It is a willingness to see Africa grow into renewable energy, "he said.

"The agreement reached here in Johannesburg aims to swarm solar energy in Africa. It is a beautiful signature for Morocco, a country extremely attached to renewable energies, said with great satisfaction Mohamed Benchaaboun, Moroccan Minister of finance.

According to him, Morocco is targeting a production of 52% of renewable energies by 2030. It produces 38% today. Wind and solar will be the main sources of energy in Morocco.

Since its inception, the AfDB has invested 10 billion in Morocco with an outstanding amount of 4 billion.

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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