Congo Brazzaville hit by a "super" fuel shortage


Brazzaville, the Congolese capital is under the weight of a shortage of fuel. Petrol stations are dry and some sectors of activity are idling. Worse, the capital has been diving for some time in power outages, according to the national electricity company, penalising activities.

At the descent of the holy mountain, in the first arrondissement, Garcia, a 30-year-old who holds a barber shop, barely to make the recipe. The load-shedding prevents him from working and he cannot feed his generator because of a shortage of "super".

"I'm a Hairdresser. I work with the current but currently the current is not stable. What hurts us a little is that it is not easy to get fuel. We walk everywhere to try to get some but we do not find and it puts us in trouble, "he explains.

At a short distance from the Garcia lounge, at the CEG Angola-Libre gas station, motorists and especially taxi drivers spend more time there than in traffic. They are at the mercy of pompils and vendors on the sly known as "gadhafis".

"I am Congolese. It hurts. I do not enjoy seeing things like that. It's a big problem with kadhafis. When they buy fuel, they reselling it to 2 000 or 1 500 CFA francs. But how much does a Congolese win to buy gasoline at 1 500 CFA francs? ", he rebellems.

"Pompists sometimes ask you to 3 000 CFA francs to make you a full of fuel at 12 000 CFA francs!", warns, on the other hand, another motorist.

According to a source at the National Petroleum Society of Congo, this shortage would be due to logistical problems of transport of oil products between Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville.

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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