The "climate generation" mobilizes in France for the benefit of the environment


18 500 people according to the French police and 50 000 people according to an estimate of the NGO have surveyed the streets and alleys of Paris, the capital of France Saturday 8 September 2018 to defend the environment. This initiative was launched by environmentalist NGOs, but also by citizens on social networks. And among the protesters, a lot of young people. Climate change is a concern that some people have been saying since childhood. They are even defined as the "climate generation".

"We are a generation who quickly realizes that ecology is an important issue. We're trying to put this in place on our daily scale. »

Mathilde François is 19 years old, she is a student at Science Po, and she brandit a sign with an inscription in red and green. "Climate warming is not automatic. We wrote that because we think we can fight global warming, we can stop it. There is still a need to put in place public policies that are more environmentally friendly. Because what we are doing right now is not enough. We're going straight into the wall. »

We go straight into the wall, it is also the opinion of Rodrigo Concalvez, 24, educator in a leisure centre in the suburbs of Paris. "We are here to denounce a system that can no longer last. It is necessary to integrate the fact that ecology does not go with capitalism and liberalism. It is not possible to make money at the expense of climate and the environment. I'm 24 years old and I realize that nothing goes wrong. »

It is the climate generation that goes down the street today, confirms this young educator. "I believe that our generation is more and more conscious. In my Entourage, more and more young people are really in the ecology. Really. »

And this new generation intends to take over and replace the old world with its productivism, its energies and transport of the past. The demonstrators gathered in Paris are calling for political decisions to move the lines and demand that the Government completely change its line so that ecology and climate prevail over all decisions.

This March responded to a citizen call launched on Facebook by Maxime Lelong, a 27-year-old journalist and entrepreneur, who decided to act after the resignation of the Minister of ecological transition Nicolas Hulot. "What has clicked, for me, is not the failure of a man but the failure of a Minister who says:" the Government in which I am does not consider the climate as a priority and therefore I would not be able to carry out my missions to good. " And that is why, for me, the appointment of François de Rugy will not change anything. It is not he who will make the difference. »

If we can't make it clear to the Government that we have to radically change things and change systems, stop a race for growth no matter what price you have to pay for it, we won't change anything.

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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