Artists invite humanity to save the planet


In total, 200 artists including Pedro Almodovar, Alain Delon, Patti Smith, Catherine Deneuve, Charles Aznavour, Sylvie Guillem, Anish Kapoor… called on the whole of mankind, in a Tribune published by the daily Le Monde, to save the planet. All responded to the call of actress Juliette Binoche and astrophysicist Aurélien Barrau for a "firm and immediate" political action in the face of climate change. "We are experiencing a global cataclysm," recalls the signatories, with climate change and the reduction of biodiversity across the planet.

The actress and Director Ariane Ascaride (Marius and Jeannette, the city is quiet, La Villa) is one of the many artists who have signed the podium.

"It has to stop," explains Ariane Ascaride. At some point, we have to ask the right questions. If we continue like this, there are places that will end up in States of total desertification. There are whole countries where people will find themselves in an incredible need, obliged to leave, because they cannot continue to live in their country, in the place where they were born, in the place that bears the traditions, from generation to generation.

It is not easy to leave. It is not to be believed that to emigrate is a simple thing. People never want to emigrate. And if they leave today, it is indeed, because the climate is getting completely insane. It is becoming completely insane by the fault of people who only think for profit. So when is the right question asked? What are we doing? And maybe, actually, we're going to have to do things that aren't going to be very popular, because it's 40, 50 years we've been living in overconsumption. And all this for profit stories, once again. »

Among the personalities of the world of Arts and science that have signed the appeal are Isabelle Adjani, Emmanuelle Béart, Isabelle Hupert, Isabella Rossellini, Romain Duris or Jude Law, but also directors and filmmakers like Olivier Assayas, Ivo Van Hove, Claire Denis, Wim Wenders, David Cronenberg… Not forgetting the singer Marianne Faithfull, the artist Sophie Calle, the writer Emmanuel Carrère or the mathematician Mikhail Gromov.

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