Senegalese remain sceptical about the end of the water shortage


The Director General of the national water Corporation of Senegal (SONES), Charles fall, has informed that the construction of new factories and boreholes, added to the disconnection of the pout maraichers and the implementation of a pumping plant connected to a battery of drilling will allow the Sones to bring 100,000 m3 complementary to solve the problem of water scarcity in Dakar.

Mr. fall expressed the opportunity for a panel organized by the emerging Senegal Club on Thursday, August 9, 2018 in Dakar.

The emerging Senegal Club, which is a platform for Exchange and sharing, has organized, within the framework of its "Thursdays of emergence", a panel focused on the theme: "what solution for the water supply of the people of Dakar?". This Panel saw the participation of water hydraulic actors and experts to find solutions to the deficit of the precious liquid noted for more than four months in several neighborhoods of Dakar and its suburbs.

Moreover, despite these ambitious measures to secure the water supply of the capital and its environs, the authorities of the Sones and the Senegalese waters (SDE) remained silent on the end of the drudgery of the populations linked to the shortage of the liquid that still persists in some areas of Dakar and its suburbs. Although improvements are noted, since July 20. The décor is such that the streets of Dakar are full of our brave women looking for lost, for minimal family comfort, precious liquid. Basins, buckets and cans on the head and arms.

But to reassure the people of dakaroise, the Director of the national society of Senegal (SONES), Charles fall, explains that "the State, by the end of the year, intends to bring 100,000 m3 complementary according to a plan of action".

We have started to implement this action plan through two concrete actions: it is the disconnection of the pout maraichers and their connections on a network dedicated to agriculture which allowed us to mobilize a complementary production, it is also a pumping plant connected to a drilling battery with a driving on more than 20 km from Bayakh to Rufisque and which today allows us to note, roughly, 15,000 m3 of complementary water not taking into account the network improvement work of our partner, the SDE (Senegalese water) and this better management or distribution of the resource to the population. These different actions have allowed us to note an improvement in food since the end of July, "he said.

Moving from a current deficit of 54.000 m3 to a surplus of 15,000 m3 of water

The Director of the Sones adds, however, that intermediate solutions and urgent solutions have been proposed to cope with this situation. These solutions consist, among other things, in the construction of new factories and boreholes to reassure the population. "The performance will continue thanks to other actions that will be put into service in particular during the months of September, October thanks to the drilling, with a complementary production that we have brought with the commissioning of a battery of drilling and which will also continue with the drilling (to be built).

By the end of the year, we will know if everything is going as planned. In a surplus situation, we will not be far from 15,000 m3 of surplus water compared to a current deficit of 54.000 m3, "he said. Before adding that "all the projects that the State has already implemented and the projects on which the State is currently working during this intermediate phase and especially the structuring projects will secure the water supply of the populations during a very long time, "he concludes.

End of the SDE leasing contract, the call for tenders to be launched, as from December

As for the Director General of the Senegalese water, Abdul Baal, he returned to the contract of leasing which, he recalls, draws to an end. "The Ministry of Hydraulics has informed us that the leasing contract expires on December 31st. And, the State, through the Ministry of hydraulics, undertook to initiate a call for tenders in the present case. For the following, we are all waiting and the Department of hydraulics will tell us in a few days '.

I open the faucet to help my niece brush her teeth and burst out a weird yellowish liquid that you dare not even call "water." She asks me who peed in the water and automatically I answer: «Macky Sall»

With regard to their relationship with the Sones, Mr. Baal believes that it is a balanced collaboration to allow the population to access the precious liquid rather than possible. "The Sones and SDE are partners whose actions are complementary to bring water to Senegalese consumers. And this partnership is balanced, it has generated results.

Today, we understand that the prevailing situation is linked to the production deficit resulting from a lack of production. New works, new drilling, new factories are needed to fill the gap between needs and availability. And these actions are in the Court of realization, of implementation; they will be put into service the next few days. This will significantly improve the current feeling, "he said.

All the time, according to the Director of the SDE, a balanced sharing of resources will be done, pending the realization of these projects, so that the scarcity of water is felt in a long way by the population.

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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