7th sustainable development days in Douala (Cameroon): waste management on the menu


The problem of treatment debated for two days last week during the 7th sustainable development days of Douala.

What avenues should be considered to address the challenges of sustainable waste management? Question at the Centre of the concerns and the consultations of the participants in the 7th Edition of the sustainable development days (JDD) of Douala. An event organised on 20 and 21 June 2018 at the Salle des fêtes Akwa by the urban community of Douala (CUD) under the theme "sustainable management of solid wastes in the city of Douala". »

Thus, as Jean Yango, Director of studies, planning, investment and sustainable development (Depidd) explained to cud, "beyond the question of safety, waste can produce wealth". It is in this sense that he referred to the concept of circular economy, which involves the treatment of waste with the establishment of an industrial recycling policy.

And this future where junk becomes resource is part of the goals of these JDD 2018. In fact, it was a reminder of Julienne Maneteu, head of the environment and sustainable development department, "to Captivate new initiatives aimed at promoting the professions of sustainable development, the valorisation of waste and job creation. »

And for Fritz Ntonè Ntonè, delegate of the Government to the cud, it is, through the event, to interest the inhabitants of Douala in the question of the sustainable management of their garbage, especially that a topic such as the removal of household waste is News in our major cities, Douala in particular.

"These debates will come out of the very framework of these days to satisfy a concern: to explain to our citizens why waste is no longer collected as usual," he acknowledged. Fritz Ntonè Ntonè adds:

"It is therefore necessary to operate other innovative mechanisms for financing our activities in the light of the regulations in force. This is where the Metropolitan investment company of Douala intervenes.

The JDD 2018, which took part in addition to the population, academics, private investors, development agencies, etc. were also an opportunity for the cud to recall its agenda.

Including the development of the solid waste master plan; the development of a technical landfill for household refuse in Ngombè, which will also House an industrial waste treatment plant and a drainage sludge discharge station; the imminent start of the project "Douala, sustainable city: sustainable development and valorisation of the Makèpè Missokè site. (Cameroon Tribune)


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