FIE finances the promotion of African agriculture


The European Investment Fund (fie) mobilized 1.4 billion euros to promote the Agriculture of the black continent which was to use the networks to access it during the German-African Forum devoted to agrobusiness held the week last in Berlin.

Dr Hermann Onko Aeikens, the German Secretary of State for agriculture and food, who chaired the meeting, said that, within the framework of the European Investment Fund (fie), an amount of EUR 1.4 billion is available for the promotion of agriculture and that it is sufficient to know how to take advantage of the networks to access it. According to him, in recent years it has been decisive to deepen the partnership with Africa because the contains needed important national and international investments, saluting the performance achieved by some countries of the African continent in the agricultural field without alerting the risks that threaten others. According to Mr. Aeikens, several African countries have made great strides in the agriculture sector. Believing that, by the 2025 horizon, the 1/3 of the African population would be affected. Enough for him to invite to capitalize on the social role of agriculture which is summed up in terms of creating jobs and rural incomes with the development and modernization of the value chain upstream and downstream.

He also advocated responsible investments, a reliable management of land issues and natural resources. Declining the agenda 2063 in the projections, Dr Hermann stressed the importance of supporting Africa with the creation of training centers, the promotion of research which is the key to innovation, the definition of the legal framework for private in order to sit sustainable development.

In the course of its discussions, Africa's agricultural development was at the Centre of the reflections. Perceived as a priority for African authorities, agriculture needs appropriate conditions and favourable factors to develop. To do so, "working, hand in hand, with African partners" would be necessary, according to the Forum organizers, Dr. Stefan Liebing, President of Africa-Varein der Deutschen Wirtschaft, and Dr. Arnd Nenstiel, Vice-President of the Alliance for agrobusiness, which have not failed to draw the lines of cooperation to improve productivity by guaranteeing stable harvests, ensuring sustainable production of agricultural products to rural populations while to ensure their own livelihoods.

At the end of the meeting, a partnership agreement was signed between the German Alliance for economic development and the German Alliance for agrobusiness in order to further support this cooperation, a session to which the Senegalese Minister delegate to the Minister of agriculture and rural equipment, responsible for the accompaniment and mutualisation of peasant organizations, Dr. Candice Lo Diatta took part.

Moctar FICOU/VivAfrik


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